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FIFA 18 is Updated! These Are the Changes That Come to the EA Sports Game

EA Sports has published in its official forum all the information of what has come to the game in December. These are the changes that the game has suffered.

The EA Sports game is already, on a global level, the most played soccer simulator. But to achieve this you must keep content to all players, not only with content but also correcting the errors that appear along the way. This is all that the new patch brings to FIFA 18.

From December 8 to 22, the game has been updated. EA Sports in your forum shared the following information about the changes.

Problems with FIFA Ultimate Team:

- The Path To Glory and Team Of The Tournaments objects will now be displayed correctly under the special objects of the game in the FUT 18 coins Transfer Market.

FIFA Ultimate Team issues on PS4, Xbox One and PC:

- When the players disconnected from the last game of FUT Champions Daily Knockout Tournament they could no longer join the queue to continue the tournament, now they can.

Problems with FUT Web / FIFA Companion App:

- The positioning of the players in the Active Squad was changed. This was causing the "kits" to be "reset".

And those were all the changes made with this update. What did you think? Do you think more changes are needed? Do you think it's time for a strong fix to the FIFA 18 version for Nintendo Switch? We believe that it is indeed, it is time to attend the version of FIFA 18 of that console, since many aspects were nerfed. Give us your opinion in the comment box.

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